• Partnering with Ridwell to recycle plastic packaging.

    I'm pretty excited about this! As you may know, I'm committed that Nettle + Silk be as eco-friendly as possible. All of my fabrics and dyes are tot...
  • Dip-Dyed Dress

    Adventures in collaborative natural dye and dressmaking!
  • Our Wedding Is Postponed!

      Guest Post by Valentina Ring, Owner, Head Planner, & Creative Producer at The Stars Inside As this unprecedented situation ...
  • Warm Cognac Tones and a Scandi Vibe

    At Portland's new Scandi-modern Hotel Kex, a warm colour palette, modern florals and a grey silk gown to die for.                   As ever,...
  • How To Tie An Invitation Wrap

        I often get asked for help with estimating ribbon length for invitation ties (and you can find a little tutorial on that here). I thought it m...
  • A Floral Love Letter to a City

    Floral Designers in Portland create random acts of flower love all over the city, creating beautiful installations from flowers destined for the trash as the COVID19 crisis tightens its grip on the flower trade.
  • Love in Uncertain Times

    Dear Friends, I'd like to send some virtual love out into the digital ether for anyone who's worried or scared right now in light of the current he...
  • Indigo Love

    .. But then the silk comes out of the dye-bath a beautiful leaf green and as the it reacts with the air it turns that magical, rich glowing blue and I catch my breath again.
  • Gorgeous Fall Wedding Inspo on Green Wedding Shoes

    The set of images for this photoshoot, featured this week on the Green Wedding Shoes blog actually made me catch my breath a little bit. So rich, ...
  • Wedding Invitations and How to Wrap Them

    Figuring out the presentation for your wedding invitations can be confusing and a little overwhelming, so here's a little primer and the all-important Pinterest board that may help.
  • Featured! An Irish Countryside Wedding

        Gorgeous rich greens and moody shots at this lovely old home in Ireland. Click through here for the whole story on The Overwhlemed Bride (what ...
  • Featured! Fall Farm Wedding Inspiration

    Fall farm wedding inspiration from this sweet, Honey Farm photoshoot.