Handmade Ribbon

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Quality, Reliability and Customer Service

With over 18,000 delighted customers since 2015 on Etsy, Nettle + Silk is now striking out away from that corporate shopping hub. Support a small, independent shop with thousands of 5 star reviews!

Handcrafted table linens

In 100% silk or cotton, created with natural plant dyes and made by hand.

Vegan Options

Bamboo Ribbon

100% plant fibre and dyed only with plant and earth dyes, these bamboo ribbons have a hand torn edge and a gorgeous drape.

For Crafty Types

Whatever you love to make..

Handcrafted ribbon will elevate your craft and add that extra touch of luxury.

For Styled Shoots

For Photographers and Stylists

Add hand crafted silk ribbon to your styling kit and raise your game a little. Naturally-dyed silk photographs beautifully and these ribbons can be used again and again or gifted as part of your branded photography boxes.

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