This is a labour of love.

Every length of ribbon, dinner napkin and table runner is made by hand in small batches in my studio. I use only natural dyes, derived from the leaves and roots of plants and from the soil and source all of my supplies as much as possible from companies that also have eco-friendly practices. 

Natural dye makes each piece unique.

While I use recipes and repeat colours that you see on the site, the nature of natural and hand dyeing is that each batch is its own little work of art in colour. Please bear this in mind when ordering - if you would prefer a set that is almost an exact colour match it's best to over estimate what you need so that you don't run out at the last minute and have to rush order a little more that may not match well with your first batch. If you need any help at all with estimates, please don't hesitate to ask



Susanna, owner of Nettle & Silk

 photo by Kris LeBoeuf



Nettle & Silk is my passion project, born of a love of colour and a desire to create a business that provides beautiful products that does as little harm as possible to the planet, it's grown from a side-gig into the small business you see here and I am really proud of what we've made and continue to make.

After a classical arts education and nearly two decades in the animation industry, I started my own floral design company in a converted 1965 travel trailer called Amelie in Portland, Oregon in 2014, specialising in wild, unstructured and naturalistic work. I started making silk ribbon in my kitchen when I couldn't find the right shade of blue for a wedding I was working on and quickly became obsessed with figuring out what other colours I could make from non-toxic dyes. It's like a kind of magic!

Today I split my time between my studios in Portland, Oregon and Sussex, England. If I'm really lucky I also get to travel a few times a year and teach natural dye workshops to other people around the world.