Partnering with Ridwell to recycle plastic packaging.

I'm pretty excited about this!

As you may know, I'm committed that Nettle + Silk be as eco-friendly as possible. All of my fabrics and dyes are totally natural and non-toxic and I reuse and recycle as much packaging as I can. The one big fly in that ointment over the years though has been the inevitable plastic bags that come with virtually everything I order as supplies, from stickers to fabric.

Roadside recycling of course doesn't take plastic bags but I've just signed up with Ridwell, a new company formed in the Pacific Northwest that, for a reasonable fee, will come to your home or workplace and pick up plastics, styrofoam, batteries and all sorts of other hard to recycle items and make sure they get a new life and, most importantly, stay out of landfills.

If you'd like to learn more, here's a link that will get you one month free.

Find out more here.

(Full disclosure: I do also get a free month of membership if you use this link but also if you don't want to I'd just be thrilled to share the word and get more homes and businesses signing up)

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