Love in Uncertain Times

Dear Friends,

I'd like to send some virtual love out into the digital ether for anyone who's worried or scared right now in light of the current health crisis affecting the world. These are very uncertain times for so many of us.

Since I work alone from a small, clean studio, I already have been practising social isolation for years, but I know it's not so easy for everyone out there planning their weddings or events, or indeed just trying to get through the day to day and attempting to figure out what's best.

I believe very strongly in holding one another up and offering kind support always, but especially at times like these. That's hard to convey through an online shop, but here are some links to articles that you may find helpful and supportive at the moment. They came to me via the amazing Valentina Ring at the UK and Italy-based Stars Inside Wedding planning company.

The Golden Letter - Free Graphics: Check her IG highlights for images you can screenshot to send to guests to hold off any questions for now

Headspace - Free Mindfulness Meditations, which can greatly help with stress relief.

Occasion Queens - Blog Post

It's normal to worry but we also need to take care of our mental health when times are particularly tough and hearing only doom and gloom (I'm looking at you, Twitter!) is not good for our overall health.

Here are some sources of good news.

In many communities, volunteers are gathering to help those who are staying home, are suffering financially or who otherwise need help. This group in Canada calls it 'caremongering' and I love that!

Tired of the news being all bad? Did you know there's a news network devoted entirely to good news only?


If you'd like to reach out to your community and are able to offer help to your neighbours, here's an image you can print and fill out to hand out or post through mail boxes and start your own caremongering endeavour.

(left click or control click on the image and you'll be able to save it to your desktop and print it out)


Stay safe, everyone. You are loved. ♡




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